Le Decor is an interior design studio based in Linden, Johannesburg. They became my client in 2013 when a friend of mine referred me to the owner Yanka Kruger. We quickly became friends and she commissioned me to do her website for her.

Later Yanka referred me to various other shops in the Linden area and this was one of the community projects that took place. Similar to the winter fest this was a poster that they asked me to design for their side walk sale.

The brief was to make the poster look like a chalk board. So we found a chalk board type background image. Sourced a whole bunch of different font types that look like chalk. And BANG! this was the final result.

  • Project Type: Poster design
  • Skills Needed: Photoshop, illustrator, font sourcing
  • Customer: Linden Community
  • Project Year: 2015
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