Why use Living Graphix for your printing needs?livinggraphix printing services 001

Over the years Living Graphix’s owner has had the privelage of working with a myriad of printing types and services. He has worked with the old photographic printing technologies, dye sublimation, repro and outdoor printing. Basically we know our stuff when it comes to setting up our design for print. We know our colours and colour matching when it comes to corporate images and branded colours. So when we set about creating business cards, leaflets or brochures or magazine ad’s, or even signage or billboards. We need to keep a number of factors in mind. This all only comes with experience. We demand a high quality product from our printers. Which in turn means we need to deliver a high quality design. 20 years worth of experience in all types of media will absolutely give you the edge.

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There are no doubt, many, companies offering the cheapest products. Yes, you guessed it, it’s cheap. It will not be a good reflection on your brand or your company to offer cheap business cards or gifts like diaries or calenders or brochures etc. Again, although we always negotiate the best prices with our suppliers, we do not substitue on quality. So if you want cheap, there are 100’s of companies that will give you that. If you want quality…livinggraphix printing services 005