After helping get Aquacy started with their website and a leaflet that we designed. They have put is on a contract for their bottled water labels. We have done quite a reasonable amount of labels. If you would like to see more or to purchase some fantastic quality water. Please go and visit

Their water is very well priced. excellent quality and they even supply Carte Blanche with their on set water. Living Graphix is proud to be associated with Aquacy in this regard. We have not only designed corporate branded bottles for them. But also wedding venue’s, birthday parties, golf days for some of our clients, tons of restaurants in the Johannesburg area and even Christmas labels. This sort of product is ideal for marketing your company. Doesn’t matter if you are established or just starting up. The prices are phoenominal and the quality is way up there. To top it off they even deliver. Rocomama’s is one of the favourite designs out of many for us. So we decided to showcase this one. There are really just so many to show.

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