Printed flyers or leaflets for general dissemination via handouts, post office or at exhibitions etc. is one of the effective means to get your companies name out there. Adding to the help of digital mailers. We hate to say it, but with so many digital mailers circulating.

It is sometimes necessary to go old school and do printed flyers. They still work and if you consider the hit to sales ration being 5%. Then it is still a good way to go. With print advertising it is still possible to get very creative and there are choices of going either full colour or all the way down to one. Depending on your budget, a person can get very creative with flyers and brochures.

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  1. Joanne
    | Reply

    Good day, do you do the clear lables for branding?

    • Craig
      | Reply

      Hi Joanne,

      Will mail you directly, thank you so much for reaching out 😉

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